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Yellow Dragon Motorsports Teams with Branding Studio for New Campaign

Fan interaction is the focus of the new Yellow Dragon team

ATLANTA (January 4, 2010)—The newest race team in the Grand-Am Rolex GT series plans to shake things up this year by building a fan base that interacts with each other and its sponsors directly.

Yellow Dragon hired branding and innovation consultants Markansas of Oxford, Mississippi, to spearhead the campaign, which uses social networks, games, online contests, specials events, viral video, a network of brand ambassadors and other direct marketing tools to create a community around Yellow Dragon and its sponsors.

Jack Smith, Yellow Dragon team principal, said most racing teams use mass media to promote either their drivers or their cars to attract fans and sponsors. Yellow Dragon set out to do things differently.

“I love our Speedsource/Riley RX-8; I’ve been a fan of Mazda race cars for years. And we have outstanding people on our team,” Smith said. “But what’s really going to help us stand out is our ability to inspire a Yellow Dragon community of fans and sponsors sharing their passions and enjoying the ride.”

For example, Smith said, Yellow Dragon fans who participate in the team’s online networks will get special incentives to use Yellow Dragon sponsor products.

They’ll spread the word about Yellow Dragon special events to their friends and fellow racing fans. They’ll post their own racing pictures and videos. In extreme cases, they’ll sport Yellow Dragon tattoos and jacket patches to proclaim their loyalty.

Smith said he’s building a special Yellow Dragon street team, a group of social super fans who will promote the team—and its sponsors—in their circles of influence.

The Yellow Dragon principal also said the Yellow Dragon street team will receive special privileges for recruiting new fans, such as free gear, passes to pre-race events on race weekends, and access to the pits. Yellow Dragon will also host various Facebook photo and video contests for fans to win race team apparel, merchandise, and much more.

Southern Growth Studio Managing Partner Michael Graber said many of the world’s most successful companies have moved to this new way of reaching customers with interactive tools and social networks.

“Racing is a natural fit for this sort of playful conversation with fans,” Graber said. “Effective marketing must be a conversation, not a one-way monologue. With this new model, sponsors, the race team and the fans all join together for maximum benefit to each other.”

To check out the new Yellow Dragon team, visit Also, look for the team on Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter.

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